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Arbor & Troy Furniture Rental is a professional residential furniture leasing company that offers premium quality rental furniture with
different styles for apartments and home for minimum rental period 12 months and above. With our customization option down to the
wood finishes and fabric, you can truly make your new house to feel like home.

Introducing A&Txpress, our new short-term rental specialist division, which fulfills your furniture rental need at shorted rental period
(min 1 month) using a more basic and functional furniture with quick 48-hour notice from order to your doorstep.

Whether you are on temporary assignment, relocating or experiencing another interim need, you will find the right furniture style and
budget for your home at Arbor & Troy.


Life comes at you fast.

Even things that seem permanent have a way of hanging when you least expect it. The road ahead has obvious twist and turns,
and that's when you can turn to Arbor & Troy.

Moving for that new job... heading off to school... landing a temporary assignment, starting over-any of these sound familiar?
Every year, tens of thousands of people in situations just like yours need temporary, and not-so temporary,
solutions with plenty of flexibility built in.

You'll be surprised just how many of these solutions we offer. Not just a variety of options, but options that fit in the exact way
you need them. Clearly, Arbor & Troy Furniture Rental is more than just a furniture rental company.


Move-in ready is exactly how it sounds: When you move in,
everything is in place, ready be enjoyed immediately.

Because we've outfitted home after home, we know what works. All you have to is choose from one of the available.
Move-in ready packages in your area, select a leasing term that works for you, add on any extras you would like
and we do the rest. in as little 48 hours, everything you ordered will be delivered and set up.

Fully furnished, so you can focus on what matters. That's what we call living smart.


Living rooms. Bedrooms. Dining rooms. They share one thing in common: A need to be furnished.

Arbor & Troy makes it possible with full-room packages and housewares to fit any floor plan. Wheter you're
on budget or on a mission, each package has been carefully chosen, is color coordinated and thoughtfully presented.
It's like have a built-in interior decorator designing personally for you.


It's clear that Arbor & Troy offers attractive, highly functional residential and commercial furniture.

Renting your furniture rather than owning it provides any number of advantages, the most obvious of
which is it frees up capital to invest in other opportunities.

And it scales. If your company grows, you simply add more furniture to your plan. Need to downsize?
That's easy too. If you're in the market for commercial furniture, consider the many advantages
of leasing from Arbor & Troy.

As part of the CORT Global Network that reaches across more than 80 countries, we are a group of best-in-class furniture rental providers
who work tirelesslyon every international relocation assignment that comes our way because we understand the importance
of ensuring a transferee is fully settled in their new home.



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